Hi! I’m back to the vlog again and it feels great! It’s been ages since I’ve had the time to shoot some vlogs and I’m keen to start vlogging again. I’ve also got some big news to share with you in this episode! I’m headed to Bali in just a few weeks!

Since I was last in YouTube land, I’ve traveled to Madrid and made one or two videos but that’s about it. My little subscriber base has been growing steadily and that’s been a huge surprise. Most of the subs have come from this VidmeΒ video which is super fascinating to think about. I think that might be something I can explore further down the track.

From here on out, I’d love dive back into YouTube and start pumping out some more vlogs again. It was certainly something I enjoyed and something I’ve missed over the last few months. I’m keen to do some filming in Bali and hope I can share some of my experience with you all.

It feels great to be back. πŸ™‚