I’m excited to introduce a new initiative for me this week and I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! For the past few months, I’ve been sending out a weekly digest of cool stuff I’ve found on the internet. While it’s been fascinating and fun for me so far, I feel like I could do a whole lot more with it! So, I’m taking a leap and committing to pumping out a weekly blog post where I dive in a little deeper and rattle off some thoughts.

The Paul Thomson Weekly will still be pumping out with a recap and scaled down version and the blog posts will tend to be a little longer usually. If you don’t like reading a lot and just want it quick & easy, sign up to The Paul Thomson Weekly” on the homepage.

Apple releases some awesome photography pro-tips!

I know a bunch of people who don’t own a DSLR but are amazing photographers. Thier Instagram feed is full of awesome shots and they’re only using an iPhone! The camera tech in iPhones has come a long way over the last few years. I recently picked up and iPhone 7 Plus with its ridiculous dual camera system. The phone takes some killer photos – it’s practically impossible not to! However, there are still times I’d like to do better and I know I’m not getting the most out of the hardware that I have in my hand.

Now, thanks to Apple, they’ve launched a “How to shoot on iPhone 7” and it’s bloody awesome! There is literally a video tutorial for every situation and setting in the Camera app on an iPhone 7. I no longer have an excuse for crappy photos!

What do you think of the site? Do you find it helpful?

It begins! Nasty cyber attack hits 74 countries targeting hospitals. 

I’ve been a massive fan of sci-fi films for the longest time. I’ve always loved those awesome movies where hackers work their magic and wreak havoc on the enemy by gaining access to some super secret area or they get behind some mega encrypted firewall. I’d always wondered if it was even possible and would it ever happen.

Unfortunately, my cyber-nightmares have come to fruition today as 74 countries have been targetted by a massive malware attack. This extremely sophisticated operation used a tool stolen from the NSA and is holding hospitals at ransom. The malware is locking out hospital staff from accessing patient records until they pay a huge fee in Bitcoin! This is crazy to think that these movie-styled plots are actually a reality now. Is this something we’re going to see more of?

Set a quiz to manage incoming Facebook Group requests!

I’m a member of a ton of Groups on Facebook. One of my favourites is run by Carlos Gil called Social Media Masterminds. There are a ton of incredibly talented social media and marketing professionals in that Groups and it’s an excellent network to be a part of!

However, there are other Groups I’m in that I wish had some form of a vetting process for prospective new members. Well now, Facebook is now letting creators of Groups screen potential group members by issuing a three-question quiz.

I think this is a great initiative from Facebook and I can sense that there’ll be a ton of useful applications for how this is used. Which Group do you wish had this Quiz process for new members and what would the questions be?


My top pick in social this week is Jeff over on Instagram ->@digitaljeff!

Jeff is an absolute weapon with the camera and has such an awesome style. He’s also pretty great with his Instagram Stories too! I’ve spent countless hours scrolling through his profile over the last few months and thought you might enjoy him too! Let him know I said hi (@thepaulthomson) if you decide to follow him or chat with him via Insta Stories.

Fairy floss is a delightful, sugary treat here in Australia. I knew Americans called it Cotton Candy – it almost makes sense for once. I loved the other iterations of it across the world too, though. We’re all so creative when it comes to naming our food!

We waste an absolute ton of food each and every day. I’m not getting on my high horse here but this awesome video from the VOX team really stood out to me this week and I found myself really enjoying the clip for the full 9 mins. One piece of food I’ll never waste is caramel slice!