Hello from Bali for the latest edition of¬†this blog series! Thanks for taking a moment to check it out. I’ve also been busy cranking out vlogs of my trip in Bali so far. Here’s the playlist!

Australia’s Prime Minister mocks Trump!

Aussie’s¬†are always up for cracking a joke and making fun of other people. It’s one of our favourite pastimes. However, I think the line was crossed when the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnball¬†imitated and mocked President Donald Trump during a private speech this week.¬†Usually, at this type of conference, journalists have an unwritten rule not to share any of the content publically. Unfortunately for Malcolm, this audio was leaked!

YouTube analytics for VR is about to go beast mode!

Videos over 1000 views will soon show a heat map of what parts of the video are catching a viewer’s attention and how long they’re looking at a specific part of the video. This is going to be huge for creators and super valuable information.


Amazon continues to take over the world! 

This is getting crazy! Amazon is set to acquire¬†Whole Foods for an astonishing $13.7bn! I think this is an incredibly smart move and can’t wait to see what comes of it. This is a list of all the acquisitions to date. Such an incredible portfolio already! Amazon will eventually be a one-stop-shop for anything and everything you can imagine!

Work, travel and life adventure РRoam! 

This week I’d love to share with you Roam’s Instagram profile. So many beautiful destinations! This place in Bali is truly amazing.

Kinny is an absolutely hilarious comedian. I could watch his videos all day!