We’ve come to a new¬†chapter in this journey and I’m excited to work on a bigger and better project for you all. This week is the final version of “The Paul Thomson” weekly. Yep, you read right.

I’m going to spend a short time designing the new iteration of this weekly digest and I’m really looking forward to delivering a more valuable experience!ist!

Facebook has a new mission statement. And it’s average.¬†

I love the Zuck and all he does for the world. Today, Facebook unveiled their new mission statement which conveniently lines up with where their latest products are headed. I find this is a pretty bold move but definitely expected. It’s just crazy that the public seems to be latching onto the new vision rather than the overtly obvious shift to position themselves better behind their upcoming product improvements.

1.5 Billion logged in users on YouTube every month! 

This astronomical stat came out of VidCon this week. A “logged in” user spends, on average, more than an hour a day watching video! It’s mind boggling¬†to consider how much video is being consumed! I can’t even imagine just how massive YouTube is becoming.

YouTube is trending heavily towards mobile video. I personally don’t watch a lot of YouTube on my mobile but I know others that do. I prefer watching my YouTube on my laptop with a nice, big screen.

Crazy anti-drone tech from the feds! 

Don’t try and fly your drone around the feds anymore. With this new gun, they can take control of a drone and land it safely. They can also send it back to your location and you’re busted!

Drones are becoming and incredibly tough device to police. They’re responsible for more and more crime every day and authorities are trying their best to kerb this trend. This is one mean piece of tech!

Extreme sport & the world of Redbull!   

There is no shortage of incredible footage coming from the Redbull social feeds! Their Facebook Page is my fave spot to soak it all in!

This is why I love Australia!