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Bali Bicycle Tour

This Bali bicycle tour turned out to be a lot more than just a bike tour. Wow, what an awesome day! We jumped on a bike and rode through Bali’s rice paddies, visiting temples, eating breakfast overlooking a volcano and drinking Luwak coffee. This was a fun vlog to make!

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Ubud Market

I visited Ubud Market today. There’s literally a billion different things for sale here. Ubud Market is a super popular shopping hub in Ubud but the prices are a little more expensive that what you’d see elsewhere.

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I arrived in Bali!

Yay, I finally arrived in Bali! Wow, what a beautiful place! Day 1 in Bali was pretty chill so far. Just getting settled in and finding my feet a little.

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I became a millionaire 💸

Yesterday, I became a millionaire. It actually happened! I still can’t believe I’m a millionaire. It all happened so fast and I’m still in shock. The cashier just calmly slid 4.2million across the counter. Bali, here I come!

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How do you say acai?

I don’t know how to say “acai” properly! It stumps me every time. Pronouncing acai bowl at the counter is my worst nightmare. How do you pronounce acai? Is it really ah-sigh-ee? 🤔

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Cairns Night Markets Tour

This is arguably one of Austalia’s biggest tourist attractions. Okay, I said arguably because it’s definitely not but if you’ve never visited the Cairns Night Markets, you’re in for a bloody treat!

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Is Vidme an alternative to YouTube? (Vidme review)

I’ve recently jumped in to check out & review the Vidme platform. Many people are calling it an alternative to YouTube! Some are leaving YouTube altogether and uploading their content exclusively to Vidme. I’m not entirely sold on Vidme taking out YouTube but it’s a great platform and I’d love to share what I’ve found.

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