Huge news coming from Instagram this week!

Without a doubt, Instagram is my favourite social network. I absolutely love the high standard of content that rolls through my feed. There’s so many incredible photographers, videographers & brands on the platform producing top-notch content that makes scrolling through my feed such an enjoyable experience.

The other feature I love is Instagram Stories!

I’m getting really hooked into social video at the moment & love being able to publish content easily throughout my day. I think Instagram have done well to pull the best ideas from Snapchat without making it too copycat. Stories definitely has its own style on Instagram.

The massive announcement coming from Instagram this week is the release of shoppable tags!

The team over at Instagram have developed a way to include pricing, & links to products right within photos in the app. I’m sure this is going to have a major positive impact on the app & overall experience. Check out how it works in my vlog above!